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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Trendsales Platform 17. april 2018


Trendsales ApS
Langebrogade 6E
1411 København K
CVR-nr: 2798 4169

Contact information for Data Protection Officer:
Lea Holm

1. Introduction

1.1 When creating a user profile ("Profile"), you are entering into a legal agreement with us about the use of our service on the Trendsales platform.

1.2 To administrate your profile while offering our services in compliance with the agreement, we need to process your personal data.

1.3 This Privacy Policy accounts for how we treat and store your data.

2. Member Discretion

2.1 It is our wish to safeguard the personal data of all our users best possible. Therefore, we have a member discretion policy which implies that you cannot use or share information about other users obtained through the Trendsales platform or given to you by Trendsales or by other users. Information obtained through Trendsales can only be used for  purposes of entering into or completing trades.

3. Types of Profiles

3.1 On Trendsales, you can create a private profile and/or a business profile. This Privacy Policy applies to both types of profiles. For more information on our terms and conditions for each type of profile, click here.

4. Desktop and App

4.1 We offer both a desktop version and an app version of the Trendsales platform. Due to the technical development of the two versions, some of the following features may have limited functionality on the app version. You can access our desktop version at any time if needed.

5. Creating a Profile

5.1 When creating your profile, we ask you for the following (“User information”):

  • Email

  • Username

  • Password

  • Date of birth (to verify that our age limit of 15 years of age is met)

5.2 Our service is designed to show you content that matches your interests. If you are a male, we will show you content directed to males and vice versa. This is why we also collect the following information from you when you create a profile:

  • Gender (male/female)

5.3 To ensure that our platform is a secure place for everyone to trade, and in order to verify the  transactions that you partake in, we also collect your contact information consisting of the following:

  • Name

  • Adresse (street, zip code, city, country)

  • Phone number

5.4 It is up to you to decide whether your full name is visible on your public profile or not.

5.5 It is important that you give your correct phone number as it is also used in contexts where an item is shipped. As the sender of an item, you can track it through a tracking function. As the receiver of an item, you will get a message with pickup information.

6. Profile data

6.1 In connection to your continuous use of our service, we process all data related to your profile as necessary to provide and improve our service (“Profile Data”).

6.2 The profile data that we automatically register include the following:

  • All created listings and listing information

  • All trades and transactions

  • All listing views

  • Debate activity

  • Private messages amongst users

  • Favorite choices within clothing, brands, users etc.

  • Ratings

  • Logs of profile changes

  • Communications regarding cases in the Solution Center

  • Technical data (including IP adress, device ID and connection information)

  • Other profile data generated when using the features on the platform

6.3 The profile data that you can add by choice include the following:

  • Profile picture and a description of yourself

  • Vacation status

  • Size profile

  • Post box information

6.4 Please remember, that you are solely responsible for the risks associated with sharing your personal information publicly in debates, vacation information and similar information boxes on the platform.

6.5 For secondary purposes, we process profile data if we are obligated to by law, for safety reasons or to protect our interests in a potential conflict. An example of a such extraordinary use of information could be to prevent fraud, to prevent the sale of replica items or to prevent other illegal activity.

7. Listings

7.1 For the creation of your listings, we ask you to fill out information about the item’s properties, including photos that you can upload to your listing.

7.2 Before you upload a photo, we kindly ask you to be aware of the following:

  • You are responsible for ensuring the proper usage of the photos according to copyright law

  • You are responsible for collecting consent from others than yourself that appear on a photo. We are not responsible for this.

  • We are legally entitled to use your uploaded photos (expect your profile picture) on the Trendsales platform and for other commercial purposes - e.g. for newsletters or advertisements

  • The buyer of your item is entitled to use the photo in relation to the “resell” function

  • We  store active listings until they are closed. After this, they are saved in our database for up to 5 years, in case we are compelled to provide or use them by law,  in relation to a conflict or as a response to a valid request from a law enforcing or public authority. This limit is based on the statute of limitation on claims from owners of copyright material in relation to copyright infringement or similar issues

  • Listings may appear on search engine results online. We are not responsible for this.

8. Cardholder data

8.1 When you choose to buy our services, we ask you for your cardholder data (card number, expiration date, and CVV number). To safely process the transactions, we use a secure third party service.

8.2 Storage of your cardholder data is handled by Nets and their PCI certified hosting provider Freepay. All data is encrypted. Freepay is PCI compliant, which means that they are in compliance with security regulations from Visa/Mastercard. Freepay’s SSL certificate is issued by Verisignr. To read more about our security and payment terms, click here.

8.3 Your cardholder data is stored temporarily with our suppliers for up to 5 years.

9. TSpay and TrendsalesAccount

9.1 We offer a payment solution called TSpay for you to use. TSpay is Trendsales’ own transaction system, which enables you to transfer and receive money to and from other Trendsales users. When you make a payment, the amount can either be withdrawn directly from your card or from a credit available on the TrendsalesAccount automatically connected to your profile, if you are a Danish resident. You can transfer money to your TrendsalesAccount from a payment card at any time. When receiving payments for items sold through TSpay, you can either have the money transferred to your TrendsalesAccount or directly to your own bank account.

9.2 In order to deliver TSpay and TrendsalesAccount, we process your user information and the information from your listings in relation to trades. For safety reasons, we also collect the IP addresses of both the seller and the buyer when processing monetary transactions.

9.3 When withdrawing money to a bank account, you must state the name of the rightful owner of the bank account. This data will be registered in our database. The name must be identical to the name registered when your profile was created, as it is only allowed to withdraw money onto a personal account according to money laundering regulations. Furthermore, you must state the name of the bank as well as the registration number and account number. Both the name, bank, registration number and account number are registered by us, in order to maintain security standards and for us to document transactions to accountants and authorities.

9.4 When depositing money with a credit card, we collect the name and cardholder data of the cardholder (card number, expiration date, CVV number).

9.5 We ask you to be aware that your user information are shared with the buyers and/or sellers that you trade with. Your information is shared by email in the receipt issued to the party you are trading with. Your information is never shared with other parties than Trendsales users.

9.6 To read more about our terms and conditions for the use of TSpay, click here.

9.7 We store all data concerning TSpay for 5 years after the completion of the transactions as we are obligated too according to the danish acts on bookkeeping and payments.

10. Statistics

10.1 All data listed above is used by us in anonymized or pseudomized forms for statistical purposes in order to improve our service.

10.2 To read more about our collection of statistical information through your behaviour on Trendsales, go to our Cookie Policy (insert link).

11. Marketing on Social Media

11.1 We use your profile data and user information to target our content and advertising to your interests, including through social media. We must inform you that these social media platforms and their potential partners have access to your information. They can use them for marketing targeted towards you, if they are entitled to according to their conditions, and if you have given your consent through your privacy settings with the social media platforms or in your internet browser.

12. Newsletter etc.

12.1 We use your email address to send you newsletters and other marketing material, if you have given us your consent to do so. To read more about this, go to our terms for private account.

12.2 You are free to withdraw your marketing consent at any given time, and you can stop notifications and push messages to your phone or tablet.

13. Verification of your Profile

13.1 To increase your credibility towards other users, you can verify your Profile with NemID.

13.2 If you choose to utilize this feature, we will process your name, CPR number (social security number), address and login information for NemID. This is possible as your CPR number is verified directly by the National Population Register. Therefore, the name, address, birth date and gender on your profile is verified through this register.

13.3 After verifying your profile, a verification stamp will be visible to other users on your profile and on your listings. Your name and address will not be visible to others. Your CPR number and NemID information are not stored by Trendsales, as they are verified by Nets according to their terms and conditions.

13.4 Trendsales can rightfully ask you to verify your profile at any time. If NemID verification is not possible, a manual verification can be conducted with copies of your identification documents, if we see it necessary. For instance, this could be due to suspicion of illegal activity or activity that is not compliant with our general regulations or the regulations stated in this agreement. In addition to this, we can rightfully ask for manual verification of all foreign profiles. The information obtained through manual verification is only used to greenlight you as a user and is not stored for other purposes. This precaution is taken to elevate the level of security in trades on the Trendsales platform.

14. Support

14.1 We offer you our support services from our support team, should you have any questions or problems on the platform. In relation to cases in our support department, we process all information given to us by you as well as your user information and your profile data, should it be of relevance.

14.2 Information processed in or given by our support department is safely stored with a third party service that delivers our support system.

15. Sharing of personal data

15.1 We share data with third parties, only if necessary to provide our service. Third parties should be understood as the following:

  • Companies within the Trendsales corporation.

  • Secure services within data processing that assist us or the Trendsales corporation with IT or other services.

  • Authorities or others in relation to legal demands and obligations, or for the protection of our legitimate interests in a legal conflict.

16. Our Security

16.1 To protect your data against accidental or illegal destruction, loss, changes, unauthorized transfer or access in compliance with the data protection laws in Denmark and in the EU, we store all personal data with our secure data processing partners.

16.2 Our data processing partners are located within the EU or in the US with companies that have joined the US Privacy Shield agreement. Partners may also be located in third countries with companies that process data in compliance with the standard contractual clauses of the European Commission.

16.3 All our employees are bound by confidentiality, and we have restricted the access to personal data to what is strictly necessary.

17. Closure of Your Profile

17.1 You can ask us to close down your profile at any time. To do so, you can contact us through our Help Center that is available here. By contacting Trendsales Support, you can request the closure of your profile at any time.

17.2 Your user information and profile data are stored for 3 months after the closure of your profile.

17.3 If you have completed one or more trades less than 30 days prior to your closure request, we can rightfully postpone the closure of your profile until 30 days after your last trade.

17.4 Regardless of all information given prior, your profile will not be closed until all ongoing transactions and support cases are finished.

17.5 We must remind you, that your username and the content of your messages are not removed from debate activity, private messages or comments on listings.

18. Your rights

18.1 You can always access your information on your profile and edit your information if your address or email has changed. As a user of the platform, you are responsible for having correct and updated information on your profile. To update your information, go to My account / Profile.

18.2 You are welcome to contact us for additional information about our processing and storage of your data. You are also welcome to contact us to update, edit, delete or request information, that you cannot administer yourself on your profile. Requests regarding this should be directed in writing to privacy@trendsales.dk.

18.3 We kindly inform you, that you cannot exercise your rights in cases where the rightful interests of Trendsales or other parties in favor of the continued processing of your information exceed your interests in the protection of your personal data. For instance, we claim the right to collect debts or investigate fraud.

19. Changes

19.1 We maintain our right to make changes to this Privacy Policy at any time. If the changes made to the Privacy Policy are substantial, we will inform you in an email or directly on the Trendsales platform.